Mike Brown (Fine Art)

I have been painting for many years and am a member of Brigantia and Made in Yorkshire, two associations of art and craft workers who are established within the county. I sell originals and prints through exhibitions and fairs across the region.  Numerous paintings have gone to various parts of the world;  several have also been purchased and are exhibited by South Tees NHS Trust and I currently have work  showing in High Parks Gallery.

Most of my paintings are of scenes of the Yorkshire Dales and Moors; areas close by home, that I know well from walking and that I love for their unspoiled beauty and peace. My aim to capture something of the enjoyment I feel when standing on a hillside, by a river or walking along a lane.

The composition of my paintings is usually straightforward; the landscape of fields, cloud-dappled hillsides, barns and drystone walls frequently provide a lead-in to the picture.  I deliberately use a restricted palette which helps the unity of the painting and I aim to create the illusion of detail rather than present it exactly thereby keeping a liveliness in the work.

Whatever the techniques, I simply hope you feel as if you could be there!

Lately I have enjoyed painting double portraits where I try to present the relationship between the people in the moment.

I hope you like what you see; if you do, please visit my website: www.mikebrownart.co.uk


Sutton Bank

Right to Roam

Picturing Aysgarth Falls


Mothers and toddlers

Kidstones Bank Bishopdale

Happy Anniversary

Bright Morn in Wensleydale

Bluebell Spring